Easy saving,

Easy saving,

Easy saving, together

Whether you're saving for a rainy day or a long term investment, TANDA makes group savings easy and fun with a supportive community.

Start saving with TANDA

How it works

Here’s what choosing to save with TANDA looks like:

1. Find a circle

Join a circle of fellow friends or employees who also want to save.

2. Decide your payout turn

Claim an early position if you have an urgent expense, or get rewarded for taking a later position.

3. Make contributions

Make contributions securely and safely with your bank account using Plaid.

4. Get paid and celebrate

When it’s your turn, you’ll get your payout as a lump sum.

What can TANDA do for you?

Gather people who also want to save money and reach long-term success together.

Discover a smarter way to save

Work toward financial stability with a community and access funds when you need them most. 

Reduce financial stress

Elevate the way you save, say goodbye to financial stress, and embrace peace of mind. 

Build a community

Empower yourself and your colleagues. Join forces to build a supportive savings circle.  


Help yourself by saving

Reach financial stability by saving with TANDA. Our platform empowers you to set aside funds effortlessly, ensuring you reach your personal financial goals with ease and confidence. Start saving today and take the first step towards a secure and prosperous future.

Have fun saving with others

Join a community of savers and make saving money an enjoyable experience. With TANDA, you can save with friends and family, share tips, and celebrate milestones together. It's about creating a supportive network that makes achieving financial goals fun and engaging.

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